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ez2mix Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Systems

ez2mix Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Systems

ez2mix® Benefits

The ez2mix Dispensing Systems offers users a safe and easy way to fill mop buckets, RTU bottles, and auto scrubbers with absolutely no chemical contact and precise dilution accuracy. The features of this dispenser will let facility managers better control budgets.


SAFETY: Secure, built-in metering tips and a closed-loop system eliminate spills and user contact when mixing chemicals.

PRECISION: State-of-the-art dispensers ensure accurate dilution for precise chemical usage. Use no more and no less than what is needed.

PRODUCTIVITY: Concentrated, high performance chemicals reduce use-cost and maximize value.


  • Color-coded and number-coded bottles make chemicals easy to use for workers.
  • Predictable chemical costs let facility managers control budgets.
  • Concentrated chemical formulations promote sustainability through reduced packaging in landfills, reduced chemical waste, and reduced transportation fuel consumption costs.

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