ez2mix Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Systems

ez2mix Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Systems

Nyco ez2mix Cleaning Chemical Dispensing Systems: Efficient Cleaning Solutions

Nyco ez2mix cleaning chemical dispensing systems deliver precise chemical dilution accuracy while ensuring no contact with the user. These dispenser systems also enable facility managers to exercise better control over their budgets thanks to their cost-saving features. The wide range of cleaning products available, such as Marvalosa Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner, Spray and Wipe Degreaser, Neutral Cleaner, Power Floor Scrub Degreaser, and many more, provide professional cleaning results in various industries, from food service to hospitals, schools, and industrial cleaning.

Banish dirt, grime, and stubborn stains with the ez2mix spray and wipe degreaser, an industrial-grade solution that quickly penetrates and removes heavy buildups from equipment, machinery, and more. The ez2mix neutral cleaner is a gentle yet effective cleaner that leaves floors, walls, and woodwork looking spotless and shiny. And for tough, greasy floors, turn to the ez2mix Power Floor Scrub Degreaser, specially formulated to tackle even the most stubborn stains. Need a versatile cleaner for public areas? The ez2mix marvalosa multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer is your solution, with a fresh lavender scent that's safer for both people and the environment. And when it comes to restroom cleaning, the ez2mix heavy-duty restroom cleaner is a must-have with its powerful formula that works wonders on showers, sinks, and more. The ez2mix dispensing system with highly concentrated, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and non-flammable cleaning solutions dries quickly and saves time and labor.

Whether you need a wire rack, a water hose, a hand-held sprayer, or a locking chemical proportion dispenser cabinet, ez2mix has got you covered. With its wall-mount dispenser, which accommodates up to four ez2mix chemicals and fills two quarts and two buckets, even small spaces can benefit.

Choose Nyco ez2mix cleaning chemical dispensing systems and experience an efficient and cost-effective way to keep your facilities clean and safe for everyone.

ez2mix® Benefits

The ez2mix Dispensing Systems offers users a safe and easy way to fill mop buckets, RTU bottles, and auto scrubbers with absolutely no chemical contact and precise dilution accuracy. The features of this dispenser will let facility managers better control budgets.


SAFETY: Secure, built-in metering tips and a closed-loop system eliminate spills and user contact when mixing chemicals.

PRECISION: State-of-the-art dispensers ensure accurate dilution for precise chemical usage. Use no more and no less than what is needed.

PRODUCTIVITY: Concentrated, high performance chemicals reduce use-cost and maximize value.


  • Color-coded and number-coded bottles make chemicals easy to use for workers.
  • Predictable chemical costs let facility managers control budgets.
  • Concentrated chemical formulations promote sustainability through reduced packaging in landfills, reduced chemical waste, and reduced transportation fuel consumption costs.

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