AutoFresh Aerosol Dispensers

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Efficient Odor Neutralization with AutoFresh Aerosol Dispensers

AutoFresh Aerosol Dispensers feature pump systems that deliver highly effective odor neutralization through a patented dry spray pump, providing a non-aerosol alternative. Our Air Neutralizers contain Microtrans Odor Neutralizer, which locks onto malodor molecules and transforms them into a neutral base, effectively eliminating unavoidable odors in washrooms.

Customizable Fragrances for Enhanced Cleanliness

At Technical Concepts, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and inviting washroom environment. That's why we carefully select and offer customer-preferred fragrances to complement our odor neutralizers. These fragrances not only mask unpleasant odors but also raise awareness and reinforce the cleanliness of the washroom.

Benefits of AutoFresh Aerosol Dispensers

  • Patented dry spray pump technology for efficient odor neutralization
  • Non-aerosol alternative for environmentally conscious solutions
  • Microtrans Odor Neutralizer effectively locks onto malodor molecules
  • Customizable fragrances enhance cleanliness perception

It concludes, AutoFresh Aerosol Dispensers offer a reliable and efficient solution for odor neutralization in washrooms. With our patented pump systems and Microtrans Odor Neutralizer, you can trust that unpleasant odors will be effectively eliminated, leaving behind a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Choose AutoFresh for a cleaner, more welcoming washroom experience.

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