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Breathe Easy and Live Healthy with Pullman-Holt Vacuums

Pullman-Holt is a well-known producer of powered floor care tools and HEPA vacuums. The company is situated in Tampa, Florida, and has been in business for more than 85 years. It is a privately held company with a large number of seasoned workers who have years of experience in the cleaning products sector. In 1963, the business started producing HEPA vacuums for the Navy, and in the 1970s, it unveiled a line of magenta-colored HEPA vacuums made especially for the nuclear energy sector.

In order to comply with new government-mandated work procedures for asbestos cleanup, Pullman-Holt introduced the first wet/dry HEPA vacuum in 1985, revolutionizing the HEPA vacuum business in the process. Pullman-Holt became the industry leader in HEPA vacuums thanks to this invention. The Swedish HEPA dust extractor manufacturer, Pullman-Ermator, purchased Pullman-Holt in 2013, and Husqvarna Construction Products purchased Pullman-Ermator in 2017.

Pullman-Holt's line of products now includes portable HEPA vacuums designed specifically for use in safety and environmental, restoration, and construction applications. These vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, which can effectively capture and contain harmful pollutants, including lead, mold, silica, and anthrax. Wet/dry models recover both wet and dry materials, while dry-only models are solely intended to recover dry materials. These vacuums are essential for professionals in industries where it's important to remove hazardous materials safely and effectively.

They are the best option for contractors, restoration experts, and safety and environmental professionals since they are strong, dependable, and simple to use. Overall, the portable HEPA vacuums from Pullman-Holt are a great benefit for everyone who values quality and safety in their profession. The US Navy, US Postal Service, US Department of Energy, and Los Alamos National Laboratory are a few of well-known Pullman-Holt's customers.

An established name in the cleaning sector, Pullman-Holt provides HEPA portable air scrubbers that are especially made for professional contractors who need to enhance both the quality of their work and the air they breathe when working on construction or restoration projects. The company's goods are created using premium components and are built to last for a very long time, giving customers the best value for their money. The high suction of Pullman-Holt vacuums makes it simple to remove dirt, trash, and other particles from carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.

In addition to selling portable HEPA vacuums, Pullman-Holt also offers a selection of accessories and replacement parts for its products. Among these are HEPA filters, which can trap and contain harmful particles while also improving air quality. Customers can also purchase HEPA filter assemblies, paper filter bags, air driven power heads, and pre-filters to maintain their vacuum's peak performance. Pullman-Holt offers a variety of replacement parts and accessories to help customers maintain the cleaning effectiveness and increase the lifespan of their vacuums.

Pullman-Holt is a reputable brand in the cleaning sector, known for offering high-quality products that satisfy the needs of a diverse consumer base. Pullman-Holt is a dependable option for people who value cleanliness and safety in their homes or places of business because of its focus on innovation, toughness, and efficiency.

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