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Disposable Urinal Covers from Johnny Covers

Johnny Covers are disposable urinal screens or coverings that are frequently used to hide out-of-service urinals. These coverings are put over the urinal to deter unwanted use and maintain the area's cleanliness and hygiene standards. They are frequently utilized in commercial buildings, public toilets, and other heavy traffic areas.

Urinal covers have the added benefit of being a vehicle for conveying crucial information to users. It makes it known that the urinal is out of service and should not be used when a cover is placed over it. As users may immediately and readily determine which urinals are accessible for use, this effectively avoids confusion and dissatisfaction among users.

Operators of restrooms can also save money by using urinal covers to indicate when urinals are out of service. To identify which urinals are unavailable, a straightforward disposable cover works just as well as more expensive signage or equipment. This can save on maintenance and equipment costs while still giving consumers a simple and efficient means of communication.

Johnny urinal covers are wall-mounted urinal covers made of high-quality, low-density polyethylene and are available in a variety of sizes. They can be quickly removed and replaced as necessary and are made to fit over the urinal's rim. They are simple to install. A plastic clip on top of the urinal cover holds it to a water supply line, while an elastic band holds the cover to the urinal.

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is one of the key advantages of Johnny urinal covers. Urinals can be challenging to keep clean and often turn into havens for bacteria and other pathogens. Using urinal covers can lower the risk of infection and disease by keeping the area clean and preventing the transmission of germs.

The ability of Johnny urinal covers to conserve water is another advantage. Urinal covers can be used to seal off out-of-service urinals in buildings where water conservation is a top issue and cut down on water consumption. This can help to lower the facility's environmental impact and save money on water expenses.

Johnny urinal covers provide bathrooms with a neat and tidy appearance. Users can easily utilize them and discard them. Disposable urinal covers are convenient and economical for restroom operators because they don't need to be cleaned or sanitized in between uses. Due to the fact that they are thrown away after each use and are not shared by several individuals, it also helps to stop the transmission of germs and diseases.

Urinal covers are commonly used in public restrooms as a means of ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. Johnny Covers also fit most commercial toilets as well as many sinks, drinking fountains, and household toilets.

Urinals that are no longer in use can be easily and effectively covered with Johnny urinal covers. They promote sanitation and hygienic practices, save water, and let people know which urinals are broken. For facility managers and maintenance personnel, urinal covers are a useful tool.

Disposable Urinal Covers create a more professional and clean restroom appearance. Quickly takes urinal out of service. Saves employee time and payroll. More sanitary than traditional alternatives.

Johnny Covers provide an economical and professional way to take a broken / malfunctioning urinal out of service. Our patented covers are designed to fit any size wall-mounted urinal. Johnny Covers also fit most commercial toilets as well as many sinks, drinking fountains, and household toilets.

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