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Shower Seats from Bradley Corp

Foldable shower chairs offer a comfortable and secure seating alternative for people who have mobility challenges or impairments and find it difficult to stand in the shower for long periods of time. This can make showering easier and more comfortable for them. Bradley Corp folding shower chairs are composed of strong stainless steel frames that can hold the user's weight and were developed with safety in mind. Certain types are designed to be barrier-free to assist those with mobility difficulties or disabilities. To minimize slips and falls when showering, they contain a non-slip, solid phenolic seat.

The Bradmar shower seats are ADA-compliant and composed of solid plastic. The reversible seats can be configured in either right- or left-handed mode. When not in use, folding shower chairs may be simply folded up and out of the way, which is useful for people with limited bathroom space.

Bradley bariatric shower seats are specialty shower seats that are meant to assist those who are overweight or obese. These are usually bigger and stronger than normal shower chairs, with a weight capacity that can handle larger people. They have a sturdy stainless steel frame with a solid phenolic seat that comes in a simple bench design, L-shaped right- and left-handed configurations, and a variety of other options. They can withstand a static load of 900 lbs.

Bradley steel corner shower seats are designed to fit into the shower's corner, maximizing shower floor space. This is especially beneficial in compact restrooms with little space. They have a satin finish and a hinged edge that allows for folding.

Bradley Shower Seats are built with safety in mind for those with mobility challenges or other impairments, featuring non-slip surfaces and sturdy frames that can help avoid slips and falls while in use. They make showering more comfortable and enjoyable.

Shower seats and benches make bathing easier for seniors and people with disabilities. Bradley offers a full line of shower seats to promote shower safety in restrooms, locker rooms or hospital areas.

Bradley offers a variety of shower seats for ADA compliance, including bariatric models.

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