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Safety Fixtures from Bradley Corp

Bradley provides emergency fixtures such as drench showers, eyewash stations, or a mix of the two to help guarantee that any dangerous substances on the face, eyes, or body are wiped away as rapidly as possible.

Bradley combination fixture stations often have a sink, an eyewash station, and a shower all in one fixture. The sink is used for hand washing and other cleaning duties, whereas the eyewash station is used to swiftly rinse out the eyes after contact with harmful substances or chemicals. In the event of a chemical spill or other potentially dangerous emergency, the shower is utilized for full-body decontamination.

Bradley drench showers are intended to immediately provide a huge volume of water to wash away chemicals or other hazardous substances that may have come into contact with a person's skin or clothing. Bradley uses the most advanced fluid dynamics technology to provide the most consistent distribution and excellent washdown from a drench shower. Both free-standing drench showers and horizontal drench shower versions from Bradley are available at UnoClean.

Eyewash stations typically have a basin or bowl of water and one or two nozzles that spray water into the eyes. Eyewash stations are intended to provide a rapid and effective method of flushing away harmful compounds that could cause eye irritation or injury. These are a critical safety element in any industry that handles or stores hazardous products, and they can help avoid major eye injuries or vision loss. You can choose from pedestal-mounted and wall-mounted Bradley eyewash stations available at UnoClean.

Combination fixture stations, eyewash stations, and drench showers are designed to provide quick and easy access to emergency decontamination equipment in the event of an accident or exposure to hazardous materials. These stations from Bradley Corp. are made of durable materials, are easy to clean and maintain, and give you the best coverage.

Bradley safety fixtures offer the best coverage on the market. Bradley offers emergency fixtures such as drench showers, eyewash stations or a combination of the two fixtures.

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