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Solution for Hygienic Hands: Soaps and Dispensers from Boardwalk

Boardwalk's soaps and dispensers are the ultimate solutions for all your hygiene needs. With a range of products designed to cater to all your requirements, Boardwalk has got you covered, from hand washes to body soaps.

Our liquid soap dispenser with a compact form is perfect for locations where a smaller, more traditional dispenser is preferred. With an extra-large viewing window and a one-hand push operation, this dispenser makes handwashing a breeze. The optional key lock feature adds an extra layer of security, making it ideal for public restrooms and other high-traffic areas.

Our foaming antibacterial handwash is designed to provide germ-killing power while offering a smooth, foaming hand wash experience. The four-refill pack ensures that you always have enough supply, making it an ideal choice for offices, schools, and other public spaces.

For those who prefer environmentally friendly products, our Green Certified Foam Soap, Fragrance-Free, is a great choice. Certified by Green Seal and EcoLogo to meet their joint standard, this biodegradable foam soap formula is gentle on the environment without sacrificing product performance.

In the hospitality industry, Boardwalk's Face and Body Soap is a must-have. Available in different sizes and fragrances, this soap is specially formulated to be safely used on the face and body, making it ideal for hotels, motels, and other guest accommodations. With its stamped and perfumed feature, your guests are sure to enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

The 13.25-inch Siphon Pump is a versatile product that can be used with soaps, lotions, and chemical concentrates. Its easy storage plunger locks down, reducing height for storage, making it convenient to use and store.

Boardwalk's soaps and dispensers offer a wide range of products to cater to your hygiene needs. With its high-quality formulations and user-friendly features, you can be sure to have a clean and refreshing experience every time.

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