SCJ Professional TF II – TouchFREE Dispensing System

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Deb TFII is the next generation of Touch Free hand hygiene dispensing systems. Sleek, sophisticated worry-free performance, we guarantee it. Incorporates the latest infrared sensing technology with patented Deb Foam Technology to provide a system that is ideal for automatic touch free soap and sanitizer dispensing applications. On walls, on stands, in hallways, patient rooms and public washrooms Deb TFII meets all the requirements.

Deb Stoko Videos & Demonstrations are available for viewing here.

Distinguished Performance

Long Battery Life The power provided by the 4 D-cell batteries will provide up to 92,000 applications or approximately three years, whichever comes first. The initial set of batteries is provided with the dispenser.

Ultimate View Window The attractive transparent cover obscures the dispenser mechanics while providing clear visibility of the content level without opening the dispenser.

Locking Cabinet with Keyless Option Deb recommends protecting the contents of the dispenser by utilizing the standard keyed locking system, however, if preferred, the cabinet can be easily converted to keyless non-locking.

Large Capacity 1200mL of hand cleansing products providing approximately 1780 applications and 100mL of InstantFOAM alcohol hand sanitizer providing 1400 applications.

Recyclable Cartridge Cartridges and inserts are molded from HDPE and can be included with recycling programs that accept this common type of plastic.

Integrated Catch Tray Prevents product from landing on floors and walls if the dispenser is accidentally activated or misused.

Modular Design In the unlikely event that the Deb TFII dispenser needs maintenance, the mechanics can be repaired or replaced without removing the dispenser from the wall or floor stand.

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