SC Johnson Professional TF II Soaps & Sanitizers

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SC Johnson Professional TF II Soaps & Sanitizers – Touch-Free Innovation for Superior Hand Hygiene

Step into the future of hand hygiene with SC Johnson Professional TF II Soaps & Sanitizers – the next generation of touch-free dispensing systems. With sleek and sophisticated design, worry-free performance, and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, TF II stands as a testament to SC Johnson Professional's dedication to excellence.

Innovative Touch-Free Experience: The Next Generation Dispensing System

SC Johnson Professional TF II is not just a dispenser; it's an innovation in touch-free hand hygiene. By emphasizing user experience and cutting-edge technology, TF II elevates handwashing practices. The touch-free operation minimizes contact points, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring worry-free performance with every use.

Sleek and Sophisticated Design

The TF II dispenser boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that enhances the aesthetics of any environment. Whether mounted on walls, stands, or placed in hallways, the dispenser seamlessly integrates into various settings, elevating the overall ambiance.

Worry-Free Performance Guarantee

The performance of SC Johnson Professional TF II is guaranteed without cause for concern. Our dedication to quality guarantees that the dispenser operates touch-free consistently and dependably, giving facility managers and users alike peace of mind.

Infrared Sensing Technology

Incorporating the latest infrared sensing technology, TF II delivers precise and responsive touch-free operation. The dispenser senses the presence of hands, initiating a controlled release of foam soap or sanitizer, creating a hygienic hand hygiene experience.

Patented SC Johnson Professional Foam Technology

The heart of TF II lies in its patented Foam Technology. This technology ensures that the dispensed soap or sanitizer is not only touch-free but also comes in a luxurious foam form. The rich and creamy foam enhances the handwashing experience, making it both effective and enjoyable.

Versatile Applications

TF II is made to satisfy every need in a variety of situations. Its versatility makes it a flexible solution for any facility, whether it is used for patient rooms or public restrooms. The dispenser offers a consistent and excellent hand hygiene experience because it can be easily incorporated into various settings.

A Holistic Approach to Hand Hygiene

SC Johnson Professional TF II Soaps & Sanitizers represent a holistic approach to hand hygiene.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The worry-free performance guarantee with SC Johnson Professional TF II is a testament to our confidence in the product. We stand behind the reliability and excellence of our dispensing systems, ensuring that users can trust TF II to deliver a consistent touch-free hand hygiene experience.

In conclusion, SC Johnson Professional TF II Soaps & Sanitizers mark a significant leap forward in touch-free hand hygiene.

SC Johnson Professional Videos & Demonstrations are available for viewing here.

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