Solopol® GFX™ Heavy Duty Foam Hand Cleaner with Grit

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Solopol® GFX™ Heavy Duty Foam Hand Cleaner with Grit – Revolutionizing Hand Cleaning

Introducing Solopol® GFX™ Heavy Duty Foam Hand Cleaner with Grit from SC Johnson Professional – a transformation in heavy-duty hand soap. This gritty foam hand cleaner stands as a testament to innovation, combining the power of heavy-duty cleansing with suspended bio-scrubbers for an unmatched hand cleaning experience. As this foaming marvel passes through the dispenser pump, it is infused with air, delivering up to five times more volume than liquid foam. Discover the revolution in hand cleaning with Solopol® GFX™.

The Evolution of Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning

Solopol® GFX™ Heavy Duty Foam Hand Cleaner redefines the landscape of hand cleaning. Unlike traditional hand soaps, this gritty foam formulation takes hand hygiene to the next level. The infusion of suspended bio-scrubbers enhances the cleansing power, ensuring a thorough and effective removal of even the toughest industrial soils.

Gritty Foam Technology

The secret to Solopol® GFX™ lies in its gritty foam technology. This heavy-duty foaming hand soap is infused with suspended bio-scrubbers that provide an extra level of abrasiveness. This ensures that industrial soils, grease, and grime are lifted from the skin, leaving hands exceptionally clean.

Air-Infused Volume

Solopol® GFX™ doesn't just clean; it does so with style. As the gritty foam passes through the dispenser pump, it becomes infused with air, resulting in up to five times more volume than traditional liquid foam. This not only enhances the hand cleaning experience but also contributes to a more efficient and economical use of the product.

Thorough Soil Removal

Designed for heavy-duty applications, Solopol® GFX™ excels in the thorough removal of industrial soils. The combination of grit and foaming action ensures that hands are not only clean but free from stubborn contaminants that are often encountered in industrial and manufacturing settings.

Dispenser Compatibility

Solopol® GFX™ is compatible with a range of dispensers, ensuring ease of integration into your existing hand hygiene system. The dispenser system facilitates controlled and measured dispensing, promoting cost-effective use of the product.

The Power of Suspended Bio-Scrubbers

At the core of Solopol® GFX™ lies the power of suspended bio-scrubbers. These microscopic scrubbers work in tandem with the gritty foam, providing an additional level of abrasiveness to tackle challenging soils. The result is a heavy-duty hand cleaning experience that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional soaps.

Exceptional Cleaning Power

Solopol® GFX™ doesn't compromise when it comes to cleaning power. The combination of gritty foam and suspended bio-scrubbers ensures exceptional effectiveness in removing industrial soils, grease, and grime.

Efficient Use of Product

In addition to improving the user experience, the air-infused volume helps users use the product more effectively. Using up to five times the volume, Solopol® GFXTM maximizes cleaning efficiency and reduces waste.

Versatility in Application

Solopol® GFXTM is made for heavy-duty use in industrial settings, manufacturing facilities, and automotive workshops. Because of its adaptability, it's the perfect solution for situations where regular hand soaps might not be sufficient.

Enhanced User Experience

The experience of cleaning your hands is completely changed by the air-infused grittier foam. It offers a pleasant and thorough cleaning that leaves hands feeling both refreshed and clean.

In conclusion, Solopol® GFX™ Heavy Duty Foam Hand Cleaner with Grit stands as a revolutionary product in the realm of heavy-duty hand cleaning. The infusion of gritty foam and suspended bio-scrubbers sets a new standard for effectiveness, ensuring that hands are not just clean but thoroughly cleansed from industrial contaminants. Experience the evolution of heavy-duty hand cleaning with Solopol® GFX™ – where innovation meets performance for an unparalleled hand hygiene experience.

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