Deb GPF3LNA Gritty Foam Heavy Duty Foaming Hand Cleanser
Solopol GFX Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser Value-Pack
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Solopol GFX Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser Value-Pack

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Item Description:

Solopol GFX Gritty Foam Heavy-Duty Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming heavy duty hand cleaner with suspended Bio-scrubbers. Effervescing foam spreads easily and quickly emulsifying dirt and grime, reusing less water and time for a complete hand wash. Three mL of liquid transforms into high volume Solopol GFX, providing 25% more hand washes per liter.

Utilizing unique science of suspension, a heavy-duty liquid hand soap is transformed into foaming heavy-duty hand cleanser with suspended bio-scrubbers. As the product passes through the patented dispensing pump, it's infused with air, delivering up to 5x more volume than the liquid form.

Real Benefits

Improved Compliance and Safety

  • Gentler on Skin - Gets hands clean without drying out the skin. Laboratory Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) testing confirms that Solopol GFX is kinder to skin than leading competitive products.
  • Improved Hand Wash Experience - Motivating compliance is made easier with Solopol GFX because people like and want to use it.
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction - In surveys, 9 out of 10 preferred Solopol GFX to traditional heavy duty hand cleansers.

The Environmentally-Friendlier Choice

  • Water Savings - Effervescing foam spreads easily over hands and forearms and quickly emulsifies dirt and grime, requiring much less water and time for a complete hand wash.
  • Renewable and Recyclable - Solopol GFX is formulated from renewable resources and is packaged in recyclable cartridges.
  • Eco Accredited - USDA BioPreferred, EcoLogo certified and VOC compliant.

Less Cost in Use

  • Less Product Per Hand Wash - Three milliliters of liquid is transformed into 5x the volume in foam - the optimum amount to clean even the toughest soils.
  • Less Ongoing Dispenser Investment - Patented Solopol GFX dispensers are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, requiring no future investment.
  • Less Complicated Purchasing - Solopol GFX is designed to meet the needs of the entire workforce. Gentle enough for hands that get lightly soiled and powerful enough for much dirtier hands.

Universally Understood

To help ensure the SC Johnson Professional products and dispensing systems are understood by all, Solopol GFX product labels and dispensers have been carefully designed and feature the following:

  • Color Coding
  • Product Step Icons
  • Simple Descriptions
  • Useful Iconography

Note: SC Johnson hand and skin care products were formerly known as Deb / Deb Stoko. If you have any question about dispenser compatibility or product name cross over please call UnoClean at 224-654-6500  Email any product questions to [email protected]

SC Johnson Professional Solopol GFX GrittyFOAM Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solopol GFX?

Solopol GFX™ is the world’s first and only heavy-duty hand-cleansing foam with suspended bio-scrubbers™. This powerful cleaning combination, delivered through our proprietary dispensing system, gently removes the toughest grime while making hands feel great.

How does Solopol GFX Work?

The unique formulation contains a very efficacious surfactant system, with the added cleaning power of gentle cornmeal bio-scrubbers. When the dispenser button is activated, the product travels through our patented foaming device where the formulation is transformed from liquid to foam by infusing it with air, delivering 5X more volume than the liquid form of the product. The product’s easy spread ability, quick and thorough cleaning and fast rinsing are the direct results of the ingredient system and foam format.

How is Solopol GFX Made?

Utilizing our unique Science of Suspension, we transform a heavy-duty liquid hand soap into foaming heavy-duty hand soap with suspended bio-scrubbers, which are less abrasive than traditional scrubbing agents. As product passes through our patented dispensing pump, it is infused with air and dispensed as thick, deep cleaning foam that delivers a completely different and much more sustainable hand-washing experience from that of traditional heavy-duty cleaners.

Why is Foam a Preferred Means of Cleaning?

In addition to being gentler on hands and less messy than traditional cleaners, the power of foam means that less product, less water and less energy must be used to get hands clean, making a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

Why Should Employers Care About Skin Care?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10-15 percent of all occupational illness is caused by skin disease. Employees in any industrial setting are exposed to a variety of soiling, potential irritants, temperature swings and, at times, difficult working conditions that can lead to visible skin problems ranging from red, sore, chapped skin to serious instances of occupational dermatitis. The cost of these problems in the industrial environment is significant and is widely accepted to be under-reported. The biggest problems resulting from skin disease for employers are:

  • Sickness and absence from work
  • Reduced productivity
  • Compensation issues or possible fines
  • Retraining
  • Low staff morale

How Does the Choice of Hand Cleaners Affect Possible Skin Issues?

Because it’s far easier to prevent dermatitis than it is to cure it, the choice of hand hygiene products can make a difference in the potential for hand irritation, contact dermatitis and occupational dermatitis. The world expert in away-from-home skin and hand care, SC Johnson Professional has created a complete skin care management system to help minimize the risk of occupational skin disease.

What is Occupational Dermatitis?

Affecting millions of workers each year, occupational dermatitis can be defined as an inflammation of the skin caused by the working environment or by skin contact with a damaging substance. The symptoms and seriousness of the condition vary widely. Symptoms usually begin with redness and irritation, and occasionally, swelling. Blisters may follow and, if these break, the skin may become infected. Contact with some substances can cause small areas of the skin to thicken, eventually forming rough wart-like growths which may become cancerous. Any part of the body may be affected. Dermatitis is not contagious, but if untreated, it may spread to other parts of the body. Correct treatment at an early stage is essential.

By taking the right preventative steps to minimize contact with damaging agents and adopting an appropriate skin safety regimen, the risk of occupational dermatitis can be reduced. SC Johnson Professional has worked closely with organizations of all sizes and industries to implement hand hygiene products and systems to help prevent occupational dermatitis.

How Does Solopol GFX Compare to other Industrial Hand Cleaners?

This truly revolutionary product combines the gentleness of foam with the cleaning power of traditional heavy duty hand cleansers to remove tough soil without over drying or damaging the skin. Recent surveys have shown that Solopol GFX delivers a completely different hand-washing experience from anything else on the market, with 9 out of 10 users preferring Solopol GFX over the product they were currently using and more than 85 percent indicating that their hands felt softer and less irritated after use.

In addition to being gentler on hands than other products on the market, Solopol GFX is also more environmentally-friendly and economical, requiring less product, less water and less energy usage than other products designed for the same purpose.

How Has the Product Been Tested?

In addition to the field testing and surveys mentioned above, Solopol GFX has undergone substantial testing to measure its safety and effectiveness. Specific testing includes:

  • 48-hour skin patch test
  • Toxicological assessment
  • Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) test
  • Comparative water absorption test
  • Spread ability test
  • VOC assessment and Eco-accreditation
  • Efficiency and product usage test

What Types of Facilities/Industries Would be Interested in Solopol GFX?

We believe that any industrial setting is a great candidate for Solopol GFX. Possible industries include manufacturing, industrial fabrication and assembly, mining, automotive, petrochemical processing, energy, warehousing, construction and anywhere else hands tend to get dirty.

What Functional Areas are Typically Responsibly for Industrial Skin Care Decision-Making?

SC Johnson Professional works closely with compliance officers, health and safety managers, and industrial hygienists to address their workplace requirements while managing risk and exposure. We are also experienced in working directly with purchasing, procurement, facilities management and maintenance departments, as well as sustainability managers, to deliver the optimum solution for their specific needs.

Is the Product Environmentally-Friendly?

Solopol GFX, which has earned Eco-accreditation and USDA Bio-Preferred status, is formulated with renewable resources and only essential ingredients.

Also, foam products require less product, less water and less energy for usage than the heavy-duty cleaners currently available.

Can Using this Product Help My Company Save Money?

Absolutely! In addition to improving the bottom line by potentially reducing the costs related to occupational dermatitis and skin disease, Solopol GFX actually requires less product, less water and less energy for usage than the many traditional heavy-duty cleaners.

Will Solopol GFX Work in Any Dispenser?

The Solopol GFX formulation and dispensing system work in concert to deliver the innovative thick deep cleaning foam with suspended bio-scrubbers™. Existing SC Johnson Professional 4-liter traditional heavy-duty hand cleaner dispensers can be retrofitted with the Solopol GFX dispensing pump and dispenser cover without removing the existing dispenser from the wall.

How is the Product Packaged?

Solopol GFX is packaged in convenient easy-to-handle 3.25-liter cartridges with two cartridges per case. Designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, Solopol GFX product labels are color coded and feature pictorial language-free loading instructions.

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