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MetroVac: A Legacy of Innovative Vacuum Cleaners and Pet Grooming Dryers

Founded in 1939, MetroVac has been providing households and businesses with high-quality vacuum cleaners for over 80 years. The company was started by Israel and Pearl Stern, and their son Jules and his sons Kenneth and David continued to expand the product lines with innovative vacuum cleaners, including the first 110-volt handheld vacuum cleaner and the DataVac Computer Cleaning System. The company also introduced Air Force pet dryers, which quickly became one of the top pet dryer brands in the industry. Today, MetroVac offers a wide range of products, from powerful canister vacuums to electric dusters, inflators and deflators, and more. Their dedication to quality and innovation has made MetroVac a trusted name in the vacuum cleaner industry.

Here are some of the products that they offer:

Air Force Quick Draw Pet Dryer: This portable pet dryer is ideal for pet owners who want to dry their pets quickly and efficiently. Crafted from steel, this dryer is built to withstand years of use.

DataVac Electric Duster: This electric duster is a must-have for cleaning electronic equipment and delicate surfaces. It uses compressed air to blow away dust and debris without damaging your equipment.

DataVac ESD Safe Maintenance System: This maintenance system is designed for cleaning sensitive electronic equipment and surfaces in cleanroom environments. It includes an ESD-safe electric duster, an ESD-safe vacuum, and other accessories.

Electric Inflator/Deflator MagicAir with Battery Clips: This electric inflator/deflator is perfect for inflating and deflating air mattresses, inflatable boats, and other inflatable items.

Broom and handheld vacuum ElectraSweep with Turbo Brush: This versatile cleaning tool is perfect for cleaning carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. It includes a handheld vacuum and a broom with a turbo brush attachment.

Automotive MotorCycle Dryer Air Force Blaster Pro: This powerful dryer is made for drying motorcycles and other vehicles quickly and efficiently. It has a two-stage dual fan motor and a long hose for easy maneuverability.

Industrial Hand Blower Air Force Master Blaster: This industrial-grade hand blower is designed for removing dust and debris from clothes, surfaces, or components.

Air Force Master Blaster Revolution Hand Blower: This hand blower is built for use in automotive and industrial settings. It has a powerful motor and a compact design for easy storage.

Mid-Size Vacuum/Hand Blower Vac N Blo Pro: This versatile cleaning tool can be used as a vacuum or a hand blower. It has a powerful motor and a compact design that makes it easy to store.

Commercial Vacuum/Hand Blower Vac N Blo Pro: This commercial-grade cleaning tool is perfect for cleaning carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. It includes a vacuum and a hand blower attachment for maximum versatility. This vacuum is perfect for clearing off water from your vehicles and dust from AC vents.

Hi-Performance Hand Vacuum/Blower: This powerful hand vacuum and blower is perfect for cleaning small spaces and hard-to-reach areas. It has a 500-watt motor and a compact design.

From compact handheld vacuums to powerful pet grooming dryers, MetroVac's products are designed to make cleaning and grooming tasks easier and more efficient.

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co., Inc. is a multidivisional corporation manufacturing powerful, industrial vacuums, blowers/dryers, and computer cleaning systems. Metropolitan Vacuum also provides safe, green alternatives for a more environmentally friendly environment.

Metro Vac Videos & Demonstrations are available for viewing here.

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