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Libman Products: Over 125 Years of Quality Cleaning Tools

For more than a century, the Libman family has been dedicated to providing top-quality cleaning tools for households and businesses alike. Founded by William Libman in 1896, the company began by producing wire-wound corn brooms, quickly expanding to offer a wide range of cleaning products. Today, Libman is a trusted name in the cleaning industry, providing top-quality mops, brooms, brushes, and more.

One of Libman's popular products is the Designer Toilet Bowl Brush and Caddy. The brush and caddy set has an enclosed caddy cup that avoids liquid spills. Its sturdy base prevents it from toppling over, while the 14-inch-long bowl brush is equipped with a full U-shape fiber placement for cleaning underneath toilet bowls. The Premium Angled Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy is another great option, providing full brush coverage in a sleek design.

Libman also offers a range of brooms and brushes for quick cleanups. The Synthetic Whisk Broom is excellent for picking up fine particles in the kitchen, bathroom, car, and more. The Shaped Duster Brush features a pointed head for tight corners and flagged fibers to pick up fine dust and dirt. An ergonomic rubber handle grip ensures a comfortable and secure grip, even when wet. The Dustpan & Brush Set by Libman is perfect for quick cleanups in the kitchen, bathroom, or car.

The Whisk Broom & Dustpan Set is another convenient cleaning tool, with a durable split-end fiber hand broom that picks up fine dirt and dust. The hand-held broom attaches to the 10-inch dustpan, making it easy to store and transport. For larger cleaning tasks, the Open-Lid Dust Pan is a great option, with a built-in tilt that allows the dustpan to remain open and a lobby broom that stores inside and clips to the handle.

Libman also offers a range of specialized cleaning tools, including the Freedom Floor Duster, which cleans up to five times the surface area of a traditional dust mop. The Swivel Duster features an electrostatic swivel head that moves side-to-side, pivoting 180 degrees to easily reach tough spots and corners.

The Microfiber Duster from Libman is a cleaning tool designed to effectively pick up dust and allergens from various surfaces around the home. Its premium microfiber fingers are soft and gentle, making them ideal for use on delicate items like furniture and light fixtures. The duster is also machine washable and reusable, making it an eco-friendly cleaning option.

In addition to the microfiber duster, Libman offers a wide range of other cleaning products designed to tackle different cleaning tasks around the home. These products include Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges, Copper Scrubbers, Tile & Tub Scrubber, Tile & Grout Brush, Bottle Brush, Kitchen Brush, Brass Pot & Pan Brush, Power Scrub Brushes, Curved Kitchen Brushes, Hand & Nail Brushes, Small Space Scrub Brushes, Designer Toilet Bowl Brushes, Microfiber Dusting Mitts, and Freedom Floor Duster Refills.

Libman's commitment to excellence has made them a trusted name in the industry, with a wide range of products designed to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Shop Libman today for all your cleaning needs!

Libman Cleaning Supplies

For over 110 years Libman has been bringing the world a better way to clean through innovation, design and quality. Libman products include a wide array of cleaning supplies from mops and brooms to sponges and scrubbers. Libman gives you great choices in the kitchen and surface cleaning supplies and bathroom cleaning supplies.

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