Fire Rated Trash Waste Cans

Fire-Rated Commercial Trash Cans from HLS Commercial to Safeguard Your Space

Security and protection are the top priority for your business or home. FM-approved fire-rated trash cans from HLS Commercial are designed to withstand the most brutal fires. Fire-retardant material in this trash can's inner bucket helps contain burning materials and prevent fire spread. The tight-fit lid limits the airflow to the trash can, which can help extinguish any flames that may be present quickly.

The combination trash and recycling bin of the 16 Gallon fire-rated HLS Commercial Trash Receptacles is a convenient and practical solution for managing waste and recycling in a home or office. The color-coded removable inner buckets allow for easy sorting of trash and recycling, and the dual odor filters help to keep the surrounding area smelling fresh and clean. A soft and silent lid, close smooth and easy pedal operation make the trash can easy to use. Their durable and attractive stainless steel design ensures that it will look good in any setting. The side handles make moving the trash can easy wherever needed.

The 13.2 Gallon Trash cans from HLS Commercial have semi-round and rectangular top designs. The AbsorbX Odor filter in these cans eliminates odors and keeps your home smelling fresh. And you can clean and move your trash cans without hassle, as they come with removable inner buckets and carry handles. If you are looking for smaller sizes, the trash receptacles from HLS Commercial are also available in 8-gallon and 3-gallon sizes. These fire-rated trash cans are a must for buildings with fire risk, such as hospitals, homes, schools, and other public and private facilities.

HLS Commercial's fire-rated trash cans protect your family and business from the dangers of a burnable garbage can.

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