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Rubbermaid Microburst 3000 LCD Aerosol Dispenser - Chrome

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  • Manufacturer:Technical Concepts/Rubbermaid
  • Product Type:Aerosol Odor Control Dispensing System
  • Size:3.25" W x 6.625" H
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Item Description:

Cost Effective Odor Control

The Microburst® 3000 aerosol dispensing system delivers power, performance and flexibility in half the size of standard aerosol dispensers. The Microburst® refills deliver three times the odor control and fragrance as ordinary refills and contain 63 percent less VOCs per spray than a standard aerosol. The patented refill actuator distributes the finest dry mist for long lasting performance.

The Microburst® 3000 system combines great looks with a low-cost and effective performance.

Better for the Environment
The Microburst® 3000 was awarded an Innovative Product Exemption from the California Air Resource Board for reducing the amount of VOC emissions that are dispersed into the air. The highly concentrated quality fragrances in smaller refill cans mean less waste.

Cost Effective Odor Control
Thanks to the patented Microburst® actuator, powerful and highly concentrated fragrances can effectively be dispersed, making the Microburst® 3000 a very low cost in use odor control system. Microburst® 3000 is the optimal solution if dispenser size and appearance matter most.

World-Class Reliability
Microburst® 3000 dispensers run like clockwork, activating every 7, 14 or 28 minutes. Up to 3 years battery life ensure further trouble-free operation. Microburst® 3000 dispensers are backed by an industry leading 10-year warranty.

User-Friendly Performance
All Microburst® 3000 fragrances contain Microtrans Odor Neutralizing technology to effectively break down and eliminate malodors. A wide range of powerful, consistently fresh fragrances reinforce the high standard of washroom cleanliness and ensure patron satisfaction.

How Microburst Works
Programming is simple with the Microburst® 3000 LCD dispenser. Select from High, Medium or Low, 12 or 24 hours per day, and choose 5, 6 or 7 days a week operation.

Microburst Dispensers
Microburst® 3000 dispensers are available in white and chrome in both the fully programmable LCD version or Economizer version for facilities on set service schedules.

Microburst Refills
The micro-molecules spray of Microburst® 3000 aerosols provide greater coverage and long lasting odor-neutralizing and fragrancing using less propellants. The clean, fresh scents signal hygiene and comfort.

Technical Concepts Microburst® 3000 Aerosol Odor Control Dispensing System - LCD - White

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