deb SBS Gritty Foam Heavy Duty Hand Soap Cleanser

The GrittyFOAM Revolution Is Here

deb SBS Gritty Foam Heavy Duty Hand Soap Cleanser

The First Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser with Scrubbers Suspended in Foam.

GrittyFOAM delivers an entirely unique experience, combining potent scrubbing power with the softness of foam. The result? A highly-effective, easy-to-use and much gentler cleansing product preferred by nine out of 10 workers.

GrittyFOAM is more than just effective -- it's a more efficient way to ensure a better clean. By using less product, less water and less energy, GrittyFOAM requires less investment in the long run. That means more savings and more peace of mind.

The Science of Suspension

Deb scientists work daily to create products and systems that are better, faster and preferred by customers everywhere.

GrittyFOAM™ is the result of our complete expertise in industrial hand hygiene and our market-leading foam science and dispensing technology. It’s the perfect combination of effective heavy-duty cleaning ingredients and nonabrasive bio-scrubbers delivered in the preferred* foam format to clean all types of industrial soils.

Utilizing our unique Science of Suspension, we transform a heavy-duty liquid hand soap into foaming heavy-duty hand soap with suspended bio-scrubbers, which are less abrasive than traditional scrubbing agents. As the product passes through our patented dispensing pump, it’s infused with air, delivering five times more volume than the liquid form. The product is then dispensed as thick, deep-cleaning foam with the power of grit.

The product’s easy spreadability, quick and thorough cleaning and fast rinsing are the direct results of the ingredient system and foam format.

Improving Employee Health and Safety — One Hand Wash at a Time

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10-15 percent of all occupational illness is caused by skin disease, ranging from chapped, sore skin to serious instances of industrial dermatitis. Skin disease can result in serious problems for employers, including absenteeism and reduced productivity, compensation and compliance issues, low staff morale and even possible health and safety or OSHA violations. The ultimate cost of these problems is significant and often under-reported.

The choice of hand hygiene products can make a huge difference in the occurrence of these issues. GrittyFOAM™, which combines the cleaning power of a traditional heavy-duty hand cleanser with the gentleness of foam, comes in direct response to market demand for a powerful cleaner that is less abrasive and less potentially harmful to hands — addressing growing concern about skin disease and irritation among industrial hygienists, health and safety managers, and compliance officers.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Deb is committed to helping positively impact the environment across all our lines of business. Our company goes to great lengths to ensure that our products, plants, processes and partners are as sustainable as possible.

GrittyFOAM™, which has earned Eco-accreditation and USDA Bio-preferred status, is formulated with renewable resources and only essential ingredients, and counts toward LEED points given for purchasing and using sustainable cleaning products. Plus, the GrittyFOAM™ dispensing system components and packaging are recyclable and the formulation is degradable.

And, since foam cleaners require less product, less water and less energy than the heavy-duty products currently available, GrittyFOAM™ is the clear choice for those who want a product that’s tough on dirt but easier on the environment.

Less Is More

GrittyFOAM™ was designed and formulated to handle the toughest jobs in the most cost-effective manner. Simply put, with GrittyFOAM™, less is more:

  • Less Product: GrittyFOAM uses only three milliliters of liquid, which our foaming process converts into 15 milliliters of cleansing foam - more than enough to clean even the dirtiest hands.

  • Less Water and Energy: Using foam reduces the amount of water needed to lather and rinse hands, reducing water consumption and energy use.

  • Less Irritation: GrittyFOAM's gentle formulation cleans tough dirt without the potential irritation that can be caused by more aggressive heavy-duty hand cleaners. This helps to improve compliance and safety and reduce the incidence of work-related illness, absenteeism and lost productivity.

  • Less Additional Investment: GrittyFOAM's patented dispenser with BioCote protection is guaranteed for life, requiring no additional future investment.

Smart purchasers understand that the choice of hand hygiene products can have a considerable impact on the bottom line, far beyond the cost of dispensers and product itself. While considering new alternative requires a time investment, the potential return on investment and reqards of purchase are considerable.

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