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Traffic Spotter Pre-Spray Treatment - 1 Gallon

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Alkaline Pre-Spray for Oil and Water based Soil on Carpeted Areas

Certified Traffic Spotter is the ideal pre-spray treatment for heavily soiled areas. Its unique formulation makes it most effective for use on both oil and water spots, stains and soil. Traffic Spotter has been proven by many professional carpet cleaners.

Applications: Ideal pre-spray treatment for heavily soiled areas. Dilution Ratio 1:3-10 parts water



Shake well before using. Test fabric in inconspicuous place for color fastness before using.

  1. Dilute 6-8 oz. of Pre-Spray to 1 gallon of water.
  2. Spray heavily soiled areas using a sprayer or an airless pressure sprayer. Use a medium to coarse spray, never a mist or fogger.
  3. Agitate into carpet with a carpet rake.
  4. Allow to dwell in carpet for 1-20 minutes to help break down dirt. Do not allow to dry to carpet fibers.
  5. Proceed to clean the carpet in the usual manner.

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