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Bacteria Enzyme Urine Digester Pre-Spray & Spotter - 1 Quart

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Removes Organic Stains, Soil and Related Odors

Bacteria Enzyme DIGESTER is excellent for removing organic soils and odors. Bacteria Enzyme provides instant cleaning action with quality surfactants and enzymes that break down and digest trapped organic residuals which cause odors in carpeting.

Applications: Use as a pre-treatment to break down and digest organic waste such as urine, feces, etc. in carpeting.



Shake well before using. Test fabric in inconspicuous place for color fastness before use.

As a Deodorizing Pre-Spotter: Mix 50/50 with the warmest possible tap water and treat as you normally do with non-bio active spotters. For hard-to-remove spots, cover the spot with a hot, wet towel if convenient. Cleaning action will continue as long as the carpet remains wet.

For Carpet & Upholstery Odors: Clean areas with a wet sponge to clean urine, feces, vomit, spoiled foods or other organic waste caused spots. Dilute 1 oz. of product with 2 oz. of warm water. Saturate surface with mixed solution and brush in well. For older, more difficult odors, it may be necessary to repeat procedure or inject into carpet backing.

For Surface Odors: Dilute 1:16 for use on all water-safe surfaces.

For Restroom Odors: Spray full strength on or around toilets and urinals to remove all the odor source. Dilute 1:8 for mopping applications.

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by on September 2, 2020

Works very well in pets spots.

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