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Malish Brush Diamabrush 18
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Diamabrush 18" Mastic Removal Tool 25 Grit CCW

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  • Accessory For:Floor Machine Mastic Removal Tool
  • Diameter:18"
  • Grit:25
  • Manufacturer:Malish Brush
  • Product Type:Floor Machine Mastic Removal Tool
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  • Origin:Made in the USA

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Item Description:

Diamabrush™ Mastic Removal Tool

  • 18" Mastic Removal Tool 25 Grit - Counter Clock Wise

Removing stubborn coatings like mastic, carpet, tile adhesive, thinnest or thin mil coating is always a challenging job. Fortunately, the Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool is the ideal solution to the problem. The tool has diverse capabilities and can mount to any standard floor buffer or auto-scrubber. The diamond-coated blades easily grind stubborn coatings away, eliminating the need for any scraping.

User safety is greatly enhanced because dangerous and volatile chemicals are not required. Simply apply water to eliminate dust and debris.

Like other Diamabrush products, the Mastic Removal Tool includes replaceable blades. Once the tool gets worn, simply order a Mastic Blade replacement kit. The inserts are easy to remove and easy to replace.

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