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Heavy-Duty Power Cords, Plugs & Extension Cords - UnoClean

Heavy-Duty Power Cords, Plugs & Extension Cords

Welcome to UnoClean's collection of heavy-duty power cords, plugs, and extension cords. Whether you need reliable cords for your workplace, construction site, or any other heavy-duty application, we have you covered.

Power Cords

Our power cords are designed to provide a durable and secure connection for your electrical devices. With varying lengths and configurations available, you can find the perfect power cord to suit your needs.

  • Heavy-Duty Power Cord, 100 ft: Our 100-foot power cords are built to withstand demanding environments and uses. They features a sturdy construction that ensures long-lasting performance in an extension cord.
  • Commercial Grade Power Cord, 50 ft: Need an extended reach? This 50-foot power cord is the perfect solution. It provides ample length for powering devices in large areas where you need that extra length.
  • Industrial Power Cord, 25 ft: With a length of 25 feet, this industrial-grade power cord offers flexibility and durability. It is ideal for use in job sites, workshops, garages, and other demanding settings.

Power Junction Box

  • Weather-Resistant Plug Junction Box: If you require a multi plug junction box that can withstand outdoor conditions, our weather-resistant multi plug junction boxes are the perfect choice. They offer protection against moisture and ensures safe usage in various weather conditions.
  • At UnoClean, we prioritize quality and durability, ensuring that our heavy-duty power cords, plugs, and extension cords meet your highest expectations. Browse our selection today and find the right cords for your specific

    Multi Tap extension cords, Cold temperature extension power cords, landscape extension power cords and equipment power cords. Choose from light, medium and heavy duty ext. cords.

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