Refresh Azure Foam Soap Refill - 1 Liter
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Refresh Azure FOAM Hand Wash - (6) 1 Liter Cartridges

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Item Description:

Refresh Azure FOAM Gentle Hand Wash

Formerly known as AeroBlue Hand & Body Wash. The Refresh Azure FOAM is the ideal choice for economical hand cleansing in all types of public facilities. Available in our patented sealed waterproof cartridges and convenient portable pump bottles.

The Refresh Azure Foam hand wash provides a very pleasant hand washing experience and leaves skin fresh after use. The foam soap contains glycerin, a skin moisturizer to help improve skin hydration and prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm after use. The frosty-blue lotion foam soap with a light fragrance offers a general purpose cleansing action that is ideal for hand washing or showering. Use at any wash basin, in locker rooms and showers, office buildings, anywhere.

Where to Use: Washroom areas in offices, education facilities, day cares, public facilities, healthcare facilities and long-term care facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Green Seal Certified - Meets standards of environmental leadership
  • Soap-Free Formulation - Helps to maintain the natural acidic protective mantle to protect skin from bacterial and funagl infection
  • Generates Water Economies - Can save up to 45% on water consumption compared to lotion soap use
  • Contains Glycerin - a skin moisturizer to help improve skin hydration and prevent drying
  • Cost Efficient - Provides over 30% more washes compared to standard lotion soap
  • Convenient, Quick & Easy - Quickly and easily rinses away to leave no residues on skin or in the sink
  • Biodegradable - Mild surfactants in accordance with OECD guidelines, does not pollute the environment

Note: SC Johnson hand and skin care products were formerly known as Deb / Deb Stoko. If you have any question about dispenser compatibility or product name cross over please call UnoClean at 224-654-6500  Email any product questions to sales@unoclean.com

Environmentally Responsible Soaps & Cleansers

Green Seal certification means this Deb SBS foaming product, as stated in GS-41, demonstrates environmental leadership throughout its life-cycle and meets requirements for:

  • Performance
  • Limited toxicity
  • Biodegradability
  • Environmentally preferred ingredients
  • Limited waste and resource use

deb SBS ProLine Soap Dispensers

deb SBS ProLine Soap Dispensers

SC Johnson Professional dispensers are durable, fully guaranteed and can work with 23 SCJ hand care products.

Each cartridge fits quickly and easily into the SC Johnson Professional 1-liter dispenser(s). ProLine dispensers come with a tamper-resistant lock and are ADA compliant. They may be ordered in a wide range of standard designs and are available in an array of colors. Call 1-888-226-2724 for information on the ProLine Dispenser Rebate Program.

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Does the job at a reasonable price

by on February 3, 2020

cleans good. doesn't have a strong scent, which is very good.

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Our customers love it.

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