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Vapor Torch Kit - 500,000 BTU

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Item Description:

Red Dragon Vapor Torch Kit

The vapor/propane torch kit comes complete with everything you need except the fuel cylinder and fuel. This 500,00 BTU/hr vapor torch is the most powerful torch and can handle the toughest jobs all year long. Ideal for burning weeds, stumps, sterilizing cages, clearing irrigation ditches, heating, patching asphalt, and other agricultural and industrial applications. Fire departments can use this torch for backfiring.


  • 500,000 BTU Vapor Torch
  • 10 ft. U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose
  • U.L. Listed Excess Flow P.O.L Fitting
  • Flame Adjusting Needle Valve
  • Spark Lighter
  • Pipe Thread Sealant
500,000 BTU/hr
Flame Temperature:
Approx. 2050 degrees Fahrenheit
Fuel Consumption @ 30 PSI:
10.13 lbs/hr
Fuel Inlet:
1/4" NPT
Handle Length:
Operating Pressure Range:
5-90 PSI
Normal Operating Pressure:
30 PSI
Torch Bell Diameter:
Torch Length:

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