Technical Concepts [401531] SoapWorks® Counter-Mounted Manual Liquid Soap System - Chrome & Black - TC Manual Soap Dispensers - UnoClean


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SoapWorks Counter-Mounted Manual Liquid Soap System - Chrome & Black

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Item Description:

OneShot® System

An attractive, manually operated counter-mounted dispensing system that delivers the perfect amount of soap - everytime! Washroom visitors will appreciate our luxurious soaps and reliable, hygienic dispensing.

TC Liquid Soap’s concentrated formulas and controlled dosage give you 1,000 hand washes per 800ml refill and 2,000 hand washes per 1,600ml refill. That means’s you get up to 4 times more hand washes than wasteful, messy bulk soaps.

Technical Concepts SoapWorks Manual Soap Dispensers

Rich Hand Wash Experience
Premium soap formulas that produce thick, rich lather delivered touch-free for a luxurious hand washing experience. OneShot offers a wide choice of formulations, hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin, and antimicrobial soaps. All soaps contain moisturizers such as Aloe and Vitamin E to soothe the skin.

Improved Hygiene
Disposable refills with TC’s Hygienic Seal™ keeps soap fresh and clean providing a more sanitary system. A recent study revealed that 25% of reservoir or bulk soap systems were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria(1). Convenient, reliable delivery of fresh clean soap ensures customer-delight.

Low Cost-in-Use
More hand washes with fewer refills reduce labor and costs. New pump and delivery tube with every refill eliminates mess, clogs and drips – guaranteed to work every time. No downtime, costly repairs and cleaning, or replacement parts. Simple 2 minute installation and “one-handed” refill loading further reduces costs.

Preferred Environmental Choice
OneShot Pure & Natural soap is Green Seal Certified. Controlled dispensing reduces soap consumption so there are fewer chemicals in the waste stream and water usage is reduced. More hand washes per refill means up to 80% less packaging waste.

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