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Wall Poly Sheeting Hanger Poly-Hanger #1 - 10 Pieces

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  • Manufacturer:Poly-Hanger
  • Product Type:Restoration - Area Containment and Dust Control

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Item Description:

Poly-Hanger 1

Supports one or more layers of poly in front of walls. Hanger 1 slips behind wall molding and is supported by the vertical leg of the molding. Hanger 1 will also support poly in front of masonry or paneling by nailing into a joint which can be easily patched after tear down.


  • Eliminates damage to wall surfaces
  • Simple to install, remove and reuse on the next job
  • Increases production of hanging poly sheeting
  • Eliminates using spray glue to support poly sheeting
  • Prevents poly from falling down


  • Containments for Abatement
  • Dust Protection Barriers
  • Construction Area Enclosures

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