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Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester Odor Neutralizer - Red Clover Tea - 1 Gallon

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Item Description:

Eliminate Odor At Their Source

Concentrated Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester formula contains selected strains of natural bacteria (bacillus), enzyme cultures, an odor neutralizer and surfactants. Provides immediate relief by neutralizing odors, as well as eliminating the source of the odor.

This product does not contain any harsh chemicals such as solvents, acids, caustic or undesirable pathogens such as salmonella or pseudomonas.

Use this product on any water-safe surfaces or fabrics which have odors or stains caused by organic matter. Destroys urine, feces, vomit, spoiled foods, mildew, etc.


  • Restrooms - Spray straight or diluted mixture around urinals and toilets after cleaning and allow to air dry. Pour 3 or 4 ounces in drains to control urine odors. Pour in septic tanks, plumbing and grease traps to treat solids and odors.
  • Carpeting - Pour or spray Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester on carpet and water safe fabric to remove urine (pet or other) and odors.


Super N Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester Odor, Stain & Waste Eliminator Concentrate


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   4.7 / 5 • 15 reviews

by on May 25, 2022

Love it and have using it for years, but local supplier has been out for months

by on December 25, 2021

urinal smells good. I just cleaned the drain so. we will have to wait to find out how this does to keep the drain open

by on October 2, 2021

Better than expected

by on June 8, 2021

I had a little with my order they called me the next to help me out.

by on January 1, 2021

Great for artificial turf.

by on November 8, 2020

I’m using this to clean up a tile floor my cat decided to use as her litter box. It’s a process and I have to use it once a week but the odor is getting better every time. It keeps coming back after about 10 days if I don’t apply it again. But it definitely helps a lot. Much better than the stuff you can buy in pet stores.

by on October 8, 2020

Had to clean up a tiled floor where the cat decided to pie on. Worked great. Took the odor away the first time around.

by on August 31, 2020

Very easy and very good product.

by on May 4, 2020

Very effective, I wish it would also deter my pet from going in the same areas.

by on April 30, 2020

great product. works well to get up the urine smell from outdoor artificial grass.

by on May 4, 2019

Worked amazing on urine spots for smell and all spots and stains! Using every time i do my carpets now!

by on September 12, 2018

I use this at work so I decided to buy it for home and just shampooed my carpet and love the smell.

by on January 18, 2018

Was shipped quickly and I have been using it for dog urine on the carpet and its been working good.

by on April 4, 2017

Amazing service! Arrived super fast and order was correct. Love this product! I have 3 cats and this product works like an eraser to remove urine smells and stains. I have tried numerous products with minimal results bit this stuff is incredible. Very pleased!

by on March 30, 2016

Great product and fast delivery!

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