PRO 2000™ 2,000-ml Soap System

Revolutionizing Hand Hygiene with PRO 2000™ 2,000-ml Soap System – A Commitment to Excellence

Elevate your hand hygiene practices to unprecedented levels with the PRO 2000™ 2,000-ml Soap System by GOJO. This cutting-edge system combines the high-capacity Pro 2000 dispenser with specially formulated soaps, creating an unparalleled handwashing experience. ADA compliant and designed for excellence, the PRO 2000™ Soap System stands as a testament to GOJO's commitment to providing innovative and effective solutions for maintaining optimal hand hygiene.

Pro 2000 Dispenser – Innovation Beyond Expectations

High-Capacity Design: The Pro 2000 dispenser, which has an amazing 2,000-ml soap capacity, is the centerpiece of the PRO 2000TM Soap System. Due to its high capacity, this design is particularly useful in high-traffic areas where it minimizes the need for frequent refills and guarantees that users will always have soap available.

Durable Construction: The Pro 2000 dispenser is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice for both commercial and institutional settings. The robust design of the dispenser reflects GOJO's commitment to providing products that stand the test of time.

Specially Formulated Soaps for Superior Hand Hygiene

Variety of Formulations: The PRO 2000™ Soap System offers a variety of specially formulated soaps to cater to diverse hand hygiene needs. From antibacterial formulations to moisturizing soaps, users can choose the soap that best aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Effective Cleansing: GOJO's specially formulated soaps ensure effective cleansing, removing dirt, bacteria, and contaminants from hands. The powerful yet gentle formulations prioritize thorough handwashing without causing dryness or irritation, promoting overall skin health.

ADA Compliant – Ensuring Accessibility for All

Universal Access: The PRO 2000™ 2,000-ml Soap System is designed with ADA compliance in mind, ensuring universal access to hand hygiene. The dispenser's user-friendly features make it accessible to individuals of all abilities, aligning with GOJO's commitment to inclusivity in hand care solutions.

Design Elements that Promote Accessibility: The dispenser has design elements that improve accessibility. With easy-to-use mechanisms and thoughtful placement of controls, the PRO 2000 dispenser ensures that individuals with varying physical abilities can maintain proper hand hygiene without barriers.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Hand Hygiene

Reduced Refill Frequency: The high-capacity Pro 2000 dispenser significantly reduces the frequency of soap refills. This not only minimizes maintenance requirements but also contributes to cost-effectiveness, making the PRO 2000™ Soap System an economical choice for businesses and institutions.

Environmentally Responsible: By reducing product waste and packaging, the decreased need for frequent refills is in line with environmental sustainability goals. When designing and implementing their hygiene solutions, GOJO has made a commitment to environmentally responsible practices, which is reflected in the PRO 2000TM Soap System.

In conclusion, the PRO 2000™ 2,000-ml Soap System by GOJO redefines hand hygiene with its Pro 2000 dispenser and specially formulated soaps. With high-capacity design, ADA compliance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, this system embodies excellence in hand care solutions. Elevate your hand hygiene practices with the PRO 2000™ Soap System, where innovation meets accessibility and effectiveness. Experience the commitment to excellence that GOJO brings to hand hygiene and choose the PRO 2000™ Soap System for a superior and unmatched handwashing experience.

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