NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System

Redefining Hand Hygiene with NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System – Innovation in Every Dispense

Experience the pinnacle of hand hygiene with the NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System by GOJO – where innovation meets efficiency. This state-of-the-art soap dispenser, boasting a generous 2000-ml capacity, offers a revolutionary one-hand push-operation design that ensures a seamless and accessible handwashing experience. ADA compliant and engineered for excellence, the NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System is the epitome of cutting-edge hygiene solutions.

2000-ml Soap Systems. One-hand push-operation. ADA compliant.

One-Hand Push-Operation

The NXTTM 2000-ml Soap System's one-hand push-operation will enhance your handwashing regimen. With the help of this creative design, users can effortlessly dispense soap with just one hand, making the process more effective and user-friendly. Ideal for high-traffic areas, this feature minimizes wait times and enhances overall hand hygiene practices.

Streamlined Handwashing

Users of all ages can quickly and easily wash their hands thanks to the dispenser's one-hand push operation. This innovative design ensures that hand hygiene is never compromised, which is especially useful in situations where efficiency and speed are critical.

Universal Access

The NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System prioritizes inclusivity with its ADA compliance. This ensures universal access, allowing individuals of all abilities to maintain proper hand hygiene without barriers. The thoughtful design aligns with ADA standards, emphasizing GOJO's commitment to making hygiene accessible to everyone.

Accessible Design Elements

The dispenser's ADA compliance goes beyond mere accessibility. It incorporates design elements that cater to a wide range of users, ensuring that the handwashing experience is comfortable and straightforward for everyone, regardless of physical abilities.

2000-ml Soap Systems – Unmatched Capacity

Generous Soap Capacity: The NXT™ dispenser stands out with its remarkable 2000-ml soap capacity. This ample supply minimizes the frequency of refills, making it an ideal solution for high-traffic environments where continuous access to soap is essential. This larger capacity not only ensures uninterrupted service but also reduces maintenance requirements.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable: The larger soap capacity of the NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System contributes to cost-effectiveness and sustainability. It minimizes the need for frequent refills, reducing product waste and the environmental impact associated with packaging. This aligns with modern sustainability goals and responsible resource management.

In conclusion, the NXT™ 2000-ml Soap System by GOJO stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in hand hygiene. With its one-hand push-operation, ADA compliance, generous soap capacity, and hygienic design, this dispenser sets a new standard for accessible and streamlined cleanliness.

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