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Detailer's Helper HD

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  • Manufacturer:Helper Brands
  • Product Type:Tool Belt

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Item Description:

Tool Belt Features

  • 16 oz. Bottle Bag
  • 32 oz. Bottle Bag
  • Polisher Bag
  • Pad & Accessories Bag
  • Phone Bag
  • Belt & Buckle
  • Towel Loop
  • Protective Buckle Sleeve

Detailer's Helper HD Tool Belt

The Detailer's Helper tool belt is proven to improve the efficiency of your detailing work flow. The Detailer's Helper tool belt will help you easily carry all the tools you need to clean and polish automobiles, RV's, Marine & Boats, and Aircrafts more efficiently and effectively. The Detailer's Helper tool belt is designed to hold almost any product bottle currently on the market, no matter what brand of polish, cleaner, or supplies you use.

The HD version of the Detailer's Helper tool belt has the added benefit of allowing you to be more hands-free. With its polisher bag, almost any polisher on the market will fit in it so when climbing ladders, working with scaffolding, or just working in precarious conditions, you and your crew are safer.

  • Keep your bottles, tools, and supplies on your hips, always right there with you
  • Avoid incidental dirt transfer, vehicle scratches, and knocked over bottles
  • Save 30 minutes or more per detail, talk about efficiency!
  • With less bending & reaching and less time per vehicle, you can reduce the physical toll of the job
  • Cord wrangler loop keeps our buffer cord in place behind your back. Can also be used as a towel loop
  • Adjustable belt fits up to a 44" waist, no plastic or metal buckles that can scratch paint
  • Belt buckle sleeve/cover is designed to provide an extra layer of protection between the plastic buckle and the vehicle surface
  • Soft cotton fabric is used for the belt to be paint-friendly

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