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Attix 19AE Flood Sucker

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  • Manufacturer:Nilfisk
  • MPN302001541

Item Description:

The Attix 19AE Flood Sucker has 3 operating modes, includes a power regulator, and has a solid stainless steel construction. The Flood Sucker separates solids and liquids, and it is equipped with wheels to move it into different locations easily. The Nilfisk Attix 19AE leaves a dry surface behind after cleaning up the mess.

120 Volts
Power @ 60 Hz Vacuum
1.34 HP
Power @ 60 Hz Sump Pump
1.02 HP
Water Lift, max.
105 in H20
Airflow, max.
120 CFM
Current, max.
8.3 amps
Container Capacity
19 gallons
24in x23in x 38in
Weight, shipping
97 lbs
Sound Pressure Level
57 dB(A)

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