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Water-Soluble Liquid Deodorant, Mountain Air - (12) 32 oz. Bottles

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Item Description:

Big D Water Soluble Deodorant is concentrated, easy to use and effective. Just a small amount added to water or other cleaning products will destroy odors on contact without changing the properties of the cleaner.

Big D deodorants actually eliminate odors...not just mask them. And they are safe - nontoxic, nonflammable, biodegradable, will not stain any material unaffected by plain water.

Water Soluble Deodorant is versatile. Use it for mopping, shampooing, rinsing or in a hand sprayer or fogger.

Water Soluble Deodorant

Use Big D Water Soluble Deodorant on a regular basis to control difficult odors in all types of environments.

  • Carpet/Rug Care - Just 1/2 ounce of Water Soluble Deodorant in a gallon of shampoo solution will remove all types of odors.
  • Hospital/Medical Cleaning - For sickrooms, toilet areas, catheter bags and any other sensitive medical area with hard to control odors.
  • Restaurants/Food Service - Especially effective in waste areas or dumpsters, Big D Water Soluble Deodorant can help you control difficult odors caused by meat and fish scraps, vegetable trimmings, etc. when used in a hand sprayer or fogger.
  • Animal Areas/Veterinary Hospitals - Rinse floors, surfaces and fog stall areas once a week to eliminate animal and manure odors.
  • Restrooms - Office buildings, schools or at home, Big D Water Soluble Deodorant should be used on all hard surfaces and as a fog.
  • Commercial Laundry - Add just 2 ounces to every 100 lbs. of dry laundry to effectively remove odors from rags, uniforms, sheets, etc.
  • Recreational Vehicles - Especially effective in chemical toilets and on all surfaces.
  • Sewage Plants - Spray 1/2 gallon of deodorant over each 1,000 square feet of settling bed.
  • Furniture/Drapes - In any office, hospital, nursing home, school or home, Big D Water Soluble Deodorant is safe to spray on furniture and drapes to control odors and leave a pleasant fragrance.

Environmentally Responsible Product

The sustainable attributes of this product qualify it as a GREEN CLEANING PRODUCT:

  • Nontoxic
  • Nonflammable
  • Biodegradable

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