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25 Grit Concrete Preparation Plus Blades CCW - 5 Piece

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  • Manufacturer:Malish Brush
  • Product Type:Concrete Metal Blade Kit
  • Grit:25 Grit
  • Size:(5) Blade Pieces
  • View All:Malish Brush Products
  • Origin:Made in the USA

Item Description:

Diamabrush™ Concrete Floor Polishing System

  • 25 Grit Concrete Metal Blades (20 Total)

Diamabrush™ Concrete Floor Polishing System

The Diamabrush™ Concrete Polishing System is an innovative series of diamond abrasive tools designed for any industry standard floor buffers or auto scrubbers. Utilizing a series of Diamond grit blades, it has never been easier to grind and polish concrete floors to a retail-like finish. No need for heavy, expensive equipment or harmful chemicals. Rejuvenate concrete floors with Diamabrush™ by Malish.

Step One:

The first step in the Diamabrush Concrete Polishing System involves abrading the surface to prepare it for polishing. The Diamabrush Concrete Prep Tool consists of a super tough 25 or 100 diamond grit that is bonded to a metallic backing and assembled to flexible, steel spring blades. The flexibility of the blade helps ensure that the diamond insert remains in constant contact with the floor, regardless of imperfections to the cracked and damaged floor. This maximizes the effectiveness of the tool. As you use the Concrete Prep Tool, multiple layers of diamonds on the blades are constantly exposed, giving the tool a longer life.

Specially Designed Blade

The patent pending Concrete Prep Tool can be refurbished by simply replacing the blades. The process is easy. Simply order a replacement kit, loosen two screws, replace the blade, and then re-tighten the screws. It's just that simple.

Step Two thru Seven:

Diamabrush Grit Progression

Use the coarse 50 grit Gold polymer and proceed as you would with your regular floor cleaning routine. After a few passes using the 50 grit, the system progresses to the next grit. Grit progression is as follows; Step 2 - 50 grit Gold, Step 3 - 100 grit Black, Step 4 - 200 grit Blue, Step 5 - 400 grit Green, Step 6 - 1000 grit Red, Step 7 - 2000 grit Tan.

The system transforms ordinary cleaning machines into concrete polishing machines through everyday cleaning routines. No need for heavy, expensive equipment or harsh chemicals.

Progressing thru a series of increasing finer diamond grits, the pores of the concrete are progressively closed, ultimately resulting in a retail-like finish. Step 2 (100 Grit), Step 3 (200 Grit), Step 4 (400 Grit), Step 5 (1000 Grit), Step 6 (2000 Grit).

The multi-step system provides the flexibility for the user to choose how many steps are needed to achieve the desired surface finish.

Six Polymer Tools:

The Diamabrush Concrete Floor Polishing System depends on the use of increasingly fine grit polymer inserts. Just like with the Concrete Prep Tool, each Concrete Polishing Tool includes flexible blades that allow the diamonds to remain in constant contact with the floor.

The polymer blades are designed around removable, slotted retainers. Instead of having to replace the entire tool due to wear and tear, simply order a blade replacement kit. All polymers are easily removed and easily replaced, which enhances the life of the tool.

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