Floor Machine Pad Driver Plastic Lugs - Set of 3 - Malish L-800P - UnoClean


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L-800P Pad Driver Plastic Lugs - Set of 3

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Your Price: $13.95
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  • Manufacturer:Malish Brush
  • Product Type:Pad Driver/Brush Lugs
  • Accessory For:Floor Machine Pad Drivers
  • View All:Malish Brush Products
  • Origin:Made in the USA

Item Description:

Floor Pad Driver/Brush Plastic Lugs

See the Equipment Reference Guide for exact Makes/Models


  • Kent

Also a suitable alternative to the Malish L800 Metal Lugs.

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Which Clutch Plate/Gimbal Is Required?

We can supply clutch plates for most machines on the market. If you have an original clutch plate, we will ask you for the center hole diameter of your existing brush. Measure the inside diameter from your existing brush or pad holder to obtain this information.

Manufacturer/Brand Specific Floor Machine Reference

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