Elevated Bushel Trucks

Upgrade Your Material Handling Efficiency with Elevated Bushel Trucks

Revolutionize your material handling operations with our elevated bushel trucks. Featuring a practical design with a tubular zinc-plated steel base and 5" polyurethane ball bearing casters, these trucks offer unmatched durability, maneuverability, and convenience. Say goodbye to stooping and bending with our elevated design, which helps to eliminate strain on workers and improve overall efficiency.

Practical design with tubular zinc plated steel base and 5" polyurethane ball bearing casters. Helps eliminate stooping. Detachable base saves in shipping costs. Vinyl/Nylon laminte liner with 2 handles. Available in yellow, dark blue or gray.

Efficient Design

Our elevated bushel trucks are designed to make material handling tasks easier and more efficient. The tubular zinc-plated steel base provides sturdy support for heavy loads, while the 5" polyurethane ball bearing casters ensure smooth and effortless movement in any environment. With the elevated design, workers can easily access stored materials without the need to stoop or bend, reducing strain and fatigue during use.

Detachable Base

For added convenience and cost savings, our elevated bushel trucks feature a detachable base that can be easily removed for shipping or storage. This innovative design helps to reduce shipping costs and allows for more efficient storage when the trucks are not in use, making them a practical and economical choice for any facility.

Optional Accessories

Our elevated bushel trucks are available with optional accessories to suit your specific needs. Each truck comes with a vinyl/nylon laminate liner with two handles, providing added protection for stored materials and making it easy to transport them from place to place. Additionally, our trucks are available in a choice of yellow, dark blue, or gray, allowing you to customize them to match your facility's color scheme.

It concludes, upgrade your material handling operations with our elevated bushel trucks and experience the benefits of improved efficiency, durability, and convenience. With their practical design, detachable base, and optional accessories, these trucks are the perfect solution for transporting materials in any environment. Invest in quality and reliability with our elevated bushel trucks today!

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