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Item Description:

Pullman-Holt's 390 is a powerful 4-gallon, dry only vacuum with exceptional stability. Designed for professional cleaning, this canister style vacuum has a superior, low profile design that makes it extremely maneuverable and easy to use.

This low profile canister vacuum is perfect for daily professional cleaning of large commercial areas such as offices, hospitals, hotels and schools. For a lightweight, portable, yet rugged powerful vacuum, the 390 is hard to beat!


  • Model: B100312
  • Style: Dry
  • HP: 1.5
  • Waterlift: 97"
  • CFM: 100
  • Recovery: 0.5 bu.
  • Net Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Motor Type: 2-stage, air-thru
  • Apms: 11.8
  • Noise Level: 65 decibels
  • Construction: SS tank, injection molded base & lid
  • Cord: 25 ft.
  • Warranty: 1 year

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