Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers

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Gym Mat Electric Floor Scrubber Kit - 18" - Includes Brush & Cleaner

EDIC offers an innovative solution with the Gym Mat Electric Floor Scrubber Kit, designed specifically for gym mat maintenance. This comprehensive kit includes an 18" floor scrubber equipped with specialized brushes and cleaners tailored to efficiently clean and maintain gym mats. The powerful scrubber, paired with high-quality cleaners, ensures thorough cleaning while preserving the integrity and hygiene of gym mats.

Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbing Silver Package

With the help of EDIC's Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbing Silver Package, get outstanding cleaning results. This package features an 18" floor scrubber designed for various flooring surfaces. Engineered for versatility, this scrubber comes with advanced cleaning brushes that efficiently remove dirt and grime, enhancing the appearance and cleanliness of floors. The Silver Package provides a professional-grade solution for routine floor maintenance.

Disinfecting Floor Scrubber Package - 18"

The Disinfecting Floor Scrubber Package from EDIC offers excellent cleaning along with disinfecting properties. This package includes an 18-inch floor scrubber with specific attachments to ensure that surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Designed to sanitize and clean simultaneously, it's ideal for environments where hygiene is a top priority, such as healthcare facilities or high-traffic areas.

Specialized Cleaning Solutions

To ensure the best results, every package comes with specially formulated cleaning solutions, like brushes and disinfectants, that are made to meet particular cleaning needs.

Efficient and Effective Cleaning

The Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers offer powerful scrubbing action, efficiently removing dirt, stains, and grime from various surfaces, providing a deep and thorough clean.

Versatility and Adaptability

With their adaptable features, these scrubbers are versatile and suitable for multiple surface types, making them an ideal choice for diverse cleaning applications.

Hygiene and Disinfection

The Disinfecting Floor Scrubber Package is equipped with attachments that facilitate both cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a clean and sanitized environment.

User-Friendly Design

EDIC's Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers are designed for ease of use, featuring user-friendly controls and ergonomic handling for operator convenience and reduced fatigue.

It concludes, EDIC's range of Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers, including specialized kits like the Gym Mat Electric Floor Scrubber Kit, the Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbing Silver Package, and the Disinfecting Floor Scrubber Package, offers professional-grade cleaning solutions tailored to various cleaning needs. Designed for efficiency, effectiveness, and versatility, these scrubbers are a reliable choice for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene across different environments. Choose EDIC's Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers for superior cleaning performance, specialized solutions, and enhanced hygiene maintenance. This content highlights the unique features and advantages of EDIC's Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers, focusing on specialized kits designed for gym mat maintenance, routine floor scrubbing, and disinfecting purposes, emphasizing their efficiency, versatility, and hygiene maintenance capabilities.

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