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Quix Plus Sanitizing Food Service Towels - 72 Per Box

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Item Description:

Engineered performance in every wipe!

Chicopee’s Quix® pretreated towels are perfect for foodservice cleaning and sanitizing. Towels are durable, absorbent and reusable. Additionally, each towel is pretreated with chemistry that creates a solution when added to water. Simply measure the specified amount of water into a bucket, add the towel, squeeze to activate the solution and watch as the towel color transfers into the water.

A complete cleaning and/or sanitizing solution in three easy steps.

Quix® Plus Sanitizing Towel Add one towel to one gallon of water to create a 200 PPM sanitizing solution for use on food contact surfaces.

New & Improved Fabric Design


  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Sanitizer Solutions (200 PPM)
  • Visual Monitoring System (Color Transfers from Towel to Water)
  • Durable

Pretreated - Towels are pretreated with cleaning and/or sanitizing solutions

Soft - Will not damage sensitive surfaces

Visual Monitoring System - Colored solutions transfer from the towel to the water

PROBLEM: Are complicated cleaning and sanitizer instructions increasing your usage costs?

Cleaning and sanitizer solutions needed for effective foodservice cleaning contain complicated mixing instructions.

REASON: Complicated solutions can lead to incorrect mixtures.

Complicated mixing instructions can lead to incorrect cleaning mixtures or sanitizer mixtures below 200 PPM. Additionally, catering services, mobile units, kiosks and other nonstore retailers have problems mixing highly concentrated quaternary sanitizers to the proper strength for effective sanitizing.

SOLUTION: Quix® towels contain cleaning and sanitizing systems that are activated by water.

Simply immerse the towel in the required quantity of water and watch as the solution transfers from the towel to the water. And, Quix® Plus towels ensure a compliant 200 PPM sanitizer solution in every mix, every time.

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   5.0 / 5 • 1 reviews

by on August 30, 2021

I have heard it's a great product for cleaning our outdoor areas. This is the only product our school will use.

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