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Chix Stretch 'n Dust Medium Duty Dusting Towels - (5) 20 Towel Bags

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  • Manufacturer:Chicopee
  • Product Type:Dusting Towels/Cloths
  • Size:23-1/2" x 24", (5) 20 Towel Bags
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Item Description:

They can copy the color, but not the performance!

Copied But Never Beaten

Masslinn® & Stretch’n Dust® towels are ideal for multi-purpose dusting applications.

Each towel contains a unique structure that, when stretched, increases the towel size while creating tiny pockets. These pockets grab and hold onto dust particles even at the micron level. Towels are soft enough for delicate surfaces, are low linting and will not leave behind hazardous residue (UL classified as to slip resistance).

More pick-up and retention means lower cost in use!

Internal soil pickup and retention tests were conducted using consistent soil mixtures and amounts on the same surfaces. Towels were weighed before and after dusting to determine pick-up. All tests were repeated a minimum of 10 times and the results averaged. All duster samples were cut to the same size at 8”x11”. The results show, Chicopee™ dusters pick up more than any other yellow look-a-like dusters on the market.

Internal Retention Tests

Strong & Durable - Strong enough for heavy dusting applications.

Dust-Catching Pockets - Adhesive bond process creates tiny dust-grabbing pockets activated by stretching.

Saves Labor Costs - Reduce or eliminate use of traditional mops and the time, energy and hassle associated with prep and clean-up. Ergonomic design promotes less friction and motion which minimizes risk of injury.

Beats Microfibers For Cost-In-Use - Soil pick-up and retention tests demonstrate Masslinn® Dusters pick up as much or more dust and soil than microfibers at a fraction of the cost.

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