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Chix Wet Wipe Towels - Light Duty - 13.5" x 24"

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  • Manufacturer:Chicopee
  • Product Type:Wet Wipes Towels
  • Size:13.5" x 24", 200 Per box
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Item Description:

Engineered performance in every wipe!

Chicopee's Chix? Wet Wipes are engineered for light-duty cleaning applications. Each towel is absorbent enough to soak up liquids and light enough to dry quickly so you can use it again and again. Just grab a wipe, pick up the liquid and rinse. It?s that quick and easy!

Chix? Wet Wipes are available in blue, green and pink for a color coded cleaning system.

Color coding helps you ensure cross contamination is not occurring.

New & Improved Fabric Design


  • Absorbent
  • Reusable/Dries Quickly
  • Color Coded
  • Apertures (Pick Up Particles. Rinse Easily)
  • Convenient Packaging

Absorbent - Reduces residue on surfaces while drinking up liquids

Apertures - Tiny holes capture particles and rinse easily

Color Coded - Prevents cross contamination by assigning a color to a task

Reusable - Lightweight fabric dries quickly

PROBLEM: Are you using too many paper towels for light-duty clean-ups?

Using too many paper towels over time increases your usage costs.

REASON: Paper towels are made from pulp fibers that break apart easily.

Towels made of pulp fibers fall apart easily and more are needed over time to perform repeat tasks.

SOLUTION: Chix? Wet Wipes pick up spills, rinse easily and dry quickly.

With just one Chix? Wet Wipes towel, you can easily pick up liquids, rinse the towel free of debris, and hang flat for drying. Use it again and again for up to two days for light-duty cleaning.

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