(4) Nyco Pink Velvet Lotionized Dish Detergent 128 oz Fresh Scented - Opaque Pink - UnoClean


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(4) Pink Velvet Lotionized Dish Detergent - 4 x 1 gal

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Lotionized Dish Detergent Fresh Scented

Pink, lotionized high sudsing formulation cleans pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and utensils in manual washing applications. Highly concentrated formulation effectively cleans greases, oils, and dried foods. Synergistic blend of selected surfactants, penetrating agents, and water conditioning detergents generate rich, long-lasting sudsing action for superior cleaning results. Glassware and dishes are thoroughly cleaned and rinse spot free. pH balanced formulation is gentle on hands. Pleasant fresh and clean fragrance.

  • pH balanced formulation
  • Use on hand, body, and hair
  • Thick lotionized formula
  • Rich foam
  • Versatile and economical

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