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Nilotron Full Release Odor Neutralizer - 6.25 oz. Can

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Item Description:

Eliminate Offensive Garbage Odors With Nilodor's Dumpster Deodorizer & Cleaner

...with grease loving bacteria, enzymes and citrus oil.

Neutralizes severe malodors caused by fire, smoke, floods, decay, etc. Counteracts odors in areas up to 8000 cu. Ft. The Nilotron Full Release Odor Counteractant contains Super N Nilodor Concentrate. Smoke and other severe odors are retained in small porous areas. Nilotron Full Realease will completely eliminate these difficult odors.

  • Neutralizes severe odors from smoke, floods, fires and decay.
  • One can neutralizes odors in an 8,000 cu. ft. area.

Can Be Used By:

  • Homes
  • Garbage Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Cleaning
  • After fire and smoke damage


Nilotron Fire, Smoke & Flood Odor Eliminator

Smoke, food & other strong odors
Full Strength
MIst interior lightly. Spray odor source.
Tough lingering odors
Cleaner Additive 1:16
Spray area and/or add to cleaning solution for odor relief.
Strong odors
Full Strength
Spray in rooms where mold/mildew prevails to remove odor, or spray source.
Food/cooking odors, refrigerator odors
Rinse Additive 1:16
Mist kitchen to eliminate stubborn odors. Add to cleaning solution to wipe out refrigerator odors.
Public Transport
Any odor
Full Strength
Spray in buses, taxis, airplanes and ambulances to neutralize malodor.
Full Strength
Spray airborne where smell of paint lingers.
All restroom odors
Mopping 1:16
Use m ist near or on odor sources. Add to mop water for floor odor problems.
Office Buildings
Musty odors, office clean-up
Mopping 1:16
Destroy odor by spraying near the odor source. Add to mop water before cleaning to keep office areas smelling fresh.
General Cleaning
Spring cleaning, routine clean-up
Mopping 1:16
Use as light cleaning spray or add to mop water

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   5.0 / 5 • 1 reviews

by on July 31, 2023

It’s Great!!!!…We had just bought a used Honda Pilot and it smelled very strongly of cigarettes and marijuana, After using this product twice in the car the Oder was completely gone!…..Thank you!

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