Instant Foam Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Station Kit
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Hand Sanitizing Station Kit - Stand, Hand Sanitizer & Dispenser

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  • Manufacturer:SC Johnson Professional
  • SDS:Download SDS (PDF)
  • Size:Approx. Height: 56" - Wide: 8" at top - Base: 13" x 13" square

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Item Description:

Buy a complete hand sanitizing station kit with one click right here. Stop the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, disease and all other infectious organisms by setting up this Touch Free Hand Sanitizing Station that comes complete with Foaming Hand Sanitizer and a touch free instant foam dispenser!

This Kit Includes:

  • SBS-AFS120TF - Instant Foaming Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - (3) 1200 mL Cartridges
  • SBS-92752 - Black Hand Sanitizing Station Floor Stand
  • SBS-AUTOINFCON - Instant Foam Touch Free Dispenser With Batteries
deb SBS Sanitizer Stand

Dispenser Details:

  • 4 D-Cell Batteries (included) will last up to 92,000 applications or 3 years!
  • Fast and Easy Cartridge Change-Outs
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Cartridges are Recyclable and Collapsible
  • Designed for Minimal Product Waste
  • ADA-Compliant
  • Easy and Quick to Install
  • Sign Says: Sanitizing Station. Your health is in your hands
  • Covered by 5 Year Warranty from When the Dispenser is Installed

Instant Foaming Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Details:

  • Eliminates 99.99% of common bacteria in only 30 seconds. Clear, gentle formulation cleans and sanitizes hands in one fast, easy step.
  • Foam soap provides over 1,400 hand washings per cartridge, which means fewer cartridge change-outs.
  • Cleanses and sanitizes hands in one step
  • Rapid kill rate against bacteria, yet remains mild to the skin.

Note: SC Johnson hand and skin care products were formally know as Deb and or Deb Stoko. If you have any question about dispenser compatability or product name cross over please call UnoClean at 224-654-6500 or email us with your questions to [email protected]

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