(12) QuestSpecialty Restore Rust Converter 1 Qt. Capacity

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  • Manufacturer:Quest Chemical Corp.
  • Size:1 Qt. Capacity
  • Origin:Made in the USA

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Item Description:

QuestSpecialty Restore Rust Converter

Concentrated and super powerful, stops rust in its tracks on tools, machines, vehicles, and more.


Do not store at 32°F or below.

RESTORE stops further erosion and rusting of machinery, tools, vehicles, equipment, boats, metal buildings and more. When painted on, RESTORE chemically converts rust into a black organic complex. A clear acrylic coating is formed.

The coating is sufficient to last for years without painting, or it can be painted over using latex, oil based or epoxy paint. Extends the life of anything made of metal.

For use by industrial plants, schools, institutions, office buildings, homes, farms and shipyards. Formulated for automobiles, boats, heavy equipment, metal buildings, tools and railroads.


  • Brightens surfaces
  • Highly concentrated and powerful
  • Oxidizes corrosion & scale
  • Brightens surfaces
  • Once dry, leaves a clear acrylic coating
  • Temperature range: 0°F to 250°F


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