(4) Nyco Blaze 12 Cleaner Degreaser 128 oz Mild Solvent Scented - Green - UnoClean


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(4) Blaze 12 Cleaner Degreaser - 4 X 1gal

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Your Price: $90.95
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Item Description:

Cleaner Degreaser Mild Solvent Scented

Blaze 12 is a maximum strength butyl-based cleaner and degreaser. Penetrates and dissolves heavy greases, oils, and tough carbonized soils. Highly concentrated. Dilutes to meet virtually any cleaning job. Superior cleaning on a variety of surfaces. Blaze 12 can be used for spray and wipe cleaning, in automatic scrubbers, and with pressure washers.

  • Highly concentrated
  • Industrial cleaning power
  • Superior performance
  • Use on a variety of surfaces and soils
  • Low foam and free rinsing

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