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Wee-Screen Urinal Screen, 30-Day - Marine Musk - 10 Pack

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  • Manufacturer:Vectair Systems
  • Fragrance:Marine Musk
  • Product Type:Urinal Screen
  • View All:Vectair Products

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Item Description:

Wee-Screen Scented Urinal Screen

The Wee-Screen is an effective solution that helps reduce bad smells for up to 30 days with a deep bubble design that also prevents splash back and drain blockages.


  • A flexible, less rigid bubble core made from EVA forms a strong lattice, allowing the urinal screen to fit almost any urinal
  • Eco-minded and cost effective - VOC exempt and fully recyclable - contains no harmful solvents
  • Part of the Professional Passive Program
  • Marine Musk fragrance to eliminate foul odors
  • Lasts 30-days

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