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Liquid Formula DF Defoamer Treatment - 1 Gallon

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  • Manufacturer:Nilodor
  • Size:1 Gallon
  • Product Type:Specialty Carpet Cleaner
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Item Description:

Diluted pH:


Dilution Rate:


Control Foam Residue Left in Carpets from Previous Cleanings

Use Formula DF Defoamer when extraction cleaning carpets that have been shampooed, foam cleaned or bonnet-maintained excessively.

Formula DF Defoamer is easily dispersed in hot or cold water. DF Defoamer is an economical and highly concentrated formula. DF Defoamer can be sprayed on the carpet before cleaning.

Using defoaming products that do not work well will lead to expensive vacuum motor replacement on portable extractors.

Certified Defoamer will help protect extraction vacuum motors by reducing excessive foam to liquid more quickly.



Shake well before use. Test fabric in inconspicuous place for color fastness before using. Dilute 1 part Defoamer to 7 parts water (4 oz. Defoamer plus water to 1 quart).

In the Vacuum Tank:

Defoamer is best used in the vacuum tank. Start with 1 oz of diluted Defoamer for a 5 gallon tank. More may be added as needed. Properly used Defoamer adds dimensions to your vacuum tank to permit full use of the extraction process.

In the Cleaning Solutions:

When the carpet has heavy shampoo residue, diluted Defoamer may also be added to the cleaning solution. Try 1 oz. per 5 gallon of solution.

Note: Defoamer in the solution tank might cause clogging of some equipment filters.

As a Spray:

When the carpet has a heavy shampoo residue, diluted Defoamer may also be sprayed on the carpet before cleaning. Mix 1 oz. of diluted Defoamer and dilute that further with water to 1 quart. Spray this very sparingly to cover at least 200 square feet.

Note: Freezing will not affect cleaning power. Thaw, shake well and use.

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