Nilodor CERTIFIED Odor-Bane2 Water Soluble Odor Counteractant
Previous design for the C283-005 Odor-Bane2, water soluble odor counteractant - 1 gallon.
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Odor-Bane2 Water Soluble Deodorizer, Mountain Rain - (4) 1 Gallon

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Odor Bane2 Water Soluble Odor Counteractant

An economical, all-purpose deodorizer. The Odor-Bane2 is a professional product that will effectively deodorize and neutralize malodors caused by smoke, vomit, urine, flood waters, and more! This highly concentrated deodorizer can be added to your cleaning solution, sprayed or fogged.

Applications: Use in mop water, rinse water, carpet extractors, carpet shampooers, chemical foggers, trigger sprayers, etc.


Carpet Care: Pretest for color fastness: Add 1 oz. of Odor-Bane2 to one gallon of carpet cleaning solution. Compatible with all water soluble carpet chemicals including fifth generation cleaners.

Mopping or Cleaning: Add 1-2 oz. of Odor-Bane2 per gallon of cleaner/disinfectant solution. Severe malodors may require more.

Air Freshener: Add 3-4 oz. of Odor-Bane2 with water per quart spray bottle.

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