MinuteMan 805057 Internal Cloth Filter Bag - UnoClean


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805057 Internal Cloth Filter Bag - Full Assembly - Bag & Frame

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  • Manufacturer:Minuteman
  • Accessory For:MinuteMan Vacuums
  • Product Type:Cloth Air Filter
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Item Description:

MinuteMan Vacuum Replacement Cloth Air Filter

  • General purpose primary filter for most types of cleaning in industrial / commercial plants and in stores, offices, schools, hotels, etc.
  • Fits the X-250, X-829, Bio-Haz, X-839, X-1000, MX-1000

MAINTENANCE: Replace when torn or frayed. After each use - clean with compressed air in well ventilated area.


  • C82915-05, C82915-06, C82917-00, C83905-01, C83905-03, C83905-05, C83905-16, C83905-55, C81455-03, C81455-05, C80355-04, C80355-05, C87515-05, C87515-06, C80115-01, C80215-01, C81415-01, C81455-01

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