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Fire D One Shot After-Fire Air Freshener - (12) 5-oz. Aerosol Cans

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Item Description:

Use to kill after-fire odors in automobiles and other small enclosed areas where a fogging machine would be awkward and/or electrical power is not available.

May also be used as a hand operated spray gun for concentrated burned areas such as automobile engines and kitchen stoves.

More than one can may be used for spaces larger than a car interior yet too small for a fogging machine.

As a rule of thumb, use one can for every 10,000 cubic feet of room space.


  1. Remove all debris and furnishings that are to be discarded before beginning treatment. Articles which can be cleaned and reused should be removed and treated as described in No. 1 under the Bulk Liquid instructions.
  2. Close window, doors and vents. In automobiles turn on heating or air-conditioning fans.
  3. Place the can in a central location or pointed directly at the burned area on top of a protective sheet or tray.
  4. Turn the cap upside down and press back on the top of the can until it locks into position. This will start the fogging action.
  5. Vacate the area. Be sure to close the exit door or window as you leave. Allow the aerosol to dispense entire contents. At 750 F the aerosol fogger should discharge for about five minutes. The time will be less in higher temperatures, longer in lower temperatures.

WARNING: This product is highly concentrated. Do not over use.

Keep the area closed for one hour and then open to allow ventilation. Repeat if necessary.

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