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(12) QuestSpecialty Velva-Sheen Aerosol 14 Oz. Capacity

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QuestSpecialty Velva-Sheen Aerosol

Attracts lint and dust like a magnet.

VELVA-SHEEN acts like a magnet to attract lint and dust to dust mops. Quickly saturates treated surfaces but evaporates slowly. Prevents scattering. Use as a dust cloth treatment for small jobs. Leaves surfaces completely free of dust, lint and hair. Restores wood surfaces and leaves all surfaces shining.

Formulated to be used in homes, hotels/motels, industrial plants, hospitals, offices, warehouses and institutions. Quickly removes dust from floors, wood paneling and office furniture. When replacing filters on heating and air conditioning systems, spray the filter to reduce the amount of dust which again becomes airborne. Treats dust mops, cloths and soft bristle push brooms.


  • Quickly saturates treated surfaces
  • Dust and dirt are not just pushed around, but held in the mop or on the cloth until gently shaken in a disposal area
  • Prevents re-soiling of cleaned area
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • No CFCs
  • Evaporates slowly to prevent scattering
  • Leaves surfaces completely free of dust, lint, & hair
  • Also restores wood surfaces


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