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19" FMT Dual-Speed Floor Machine - 175/300 RPM

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Your Price: $1,999.95
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  • Manufacturer:Bissell
  • Product Type:Floor Machine
  • Warranty:5 Year Motor & Gearbox
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Item Description:

Pro FMT Dual-Speed Floor Machine

Two machines in one at dual speeds 175/300 RPM. The Pro FMT dual-speed floor machine is great for spray buffing, bonnet cleaning, floor scrubbing and shampooing.

  • Pad driver NOT included
  • Dual speed 175 / 300 RPM
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Triple-planetary high torque transmission, handles the most demanding applications
  • Safety enhanced interlock switch, both hands are conveniently in control
  • Safety enhanced non-conductive dual triggers, eliminates shock potential
  • All metal chassis adds weight for faster results
  • Fully adjustable handle position makes operating easy and comfortable
Amp Draw:
13 - 15 amps
Brush Drive:
"B" style clutch
Polished aluminum
1.5 HP DC rectified
Power Cord:
50 foot safety 14/3 gauge
175/300 RPM
5 year motor and gearbox
93 lbs
6" non-marking

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